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Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency can occur unexpectedly at any time.

Douglas Pohl, DDS, is available to provide emergency dental care from his office in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

If you require emergency dental services, you can call us right now at (850) 243-0800.

Experiencing a Dental Emergency? Give Our Dentist a Call

If you have a serious toothache; a broken, loose, or knocked-out tooth; a loose or faulty crown; or some other sort of dental emergency, you should contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible. For patients in or around Fort Walton Beach, Destin, or Pensacola, FL, the best dentist to call is Douglas Pohl, DDS.

When you contact our office for oral care after an emergency, our team will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible. During your appointment, Dr. Pohl will examine your teeth and determine the cause of the emergency. Then, he can recommend the best treatment for your oral health, which may involve root canal therapy, dental fillings, or some other solution.

You can contact us online, but to get in touch with our emergency dentist as soon as possible, phone our office directly:

Call Us: (850) 243-0800

Douglas Pohl, DDS
Douglas Pohl, DDS, is affiliated with the American Dental Association.

5-Star Reviews "I Was Grateful to Get an Appointment for My Dental Emergency"


Kelly Haney


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I was grateful to get an appointment for my dental emergency during the CoronoaVirus pandemic and was appreciative of the extra care everyone took to insure safety. 

While Dr Pohl’s office is always careful, they took additional measures during this sensitive time to reduce the possibility of exposure.

I would not hesitate to visit their office, even now during this social distancing era.

Thank you Doc and staff. Please stay safe.

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JoAnn Labermeyer


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I have never had anything other than a good experience when visiting their office. Everyone who works there is professional, kind, and considerate. I would recommend Dr. Pohl to anyone. He always takes the time to listen, discuss whatever issues you are having, and find a solution. He is one of the nicest people I know.
  Twice, I have had people visiting from out of town have dental emergencies and he and his staff have gotten them in and taken such good care of them.

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Experience the Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Relieve Pain

A persistent toothache can lead to excruciating pain. Treatment from a qualified emergency dentist can alleviate your discomfort and let you resume your normal activities as soon as possible.

Restore Your Smile

A tooth that is chipped, loose, or missing can affect the appearance of your smile. Our emergency dentist uses the most modern dental techniques, such as dental bonding and implant dentistry, to restore damaged teeth and improve your smile.

Maintain Your Oral Health

A toothache can be a symptom of a serious oral health concern, such as a tooth infection or a dental abscess. If untreated, these problems can spread to surrounding teeth, and infections can even enter your bloodstream and impact other parts of your body.

Emergency Pediatric Care Available

When children are afflicted by tooth pain, it can be traumatic for them and for their parents. At our practice in Fort Walton Beach, serving patients in Destin, Pensacola, and surrounding areas, Dr. Pohl treats patients of all ages and provides compassionate, friendly, stress-free dental care to children.

We take great pride in being a family-friendly dental clinic and look forward to building a relationship with your family. If your child is complaining of tooth pain, has a broken tooth or noticeable cavity, or is experiencing any other kind of dental emergency, reach us by phone.

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I Have a Serious Toothache - What Could It Be?


Persistent tooth pain is usually a symptom of one of two dental issues. The less serious condition is a cavity. Cavities are small holes in the teeth that are caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria. Plaque is more likely to form if you do not practice proper dental care and don't brush your teeth regularly. At our Fort Walton Beach dental clinic, Dr. Pohl treats cavities with tooth-colored fillings.

Root Canal Infection

A second potential cause of a severe toothache is a tooth infection. When cavities are untreated, or when a crown or filling becomes compromised, harmful bacteria can gain access to the inner structures of the tooth and cause an infection. Dental infections are serious concerns because bacteria can spread to other parts of your body. The only effective treatment for infected teeth is root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

Expert Root Canal Treatment

The term "root canal" causes feelings of nervousness for many patients, but sometimes endodontic procedures are necessary to save your tooth and prevent serious health issues. At our practice in Fort Walton Beach, FL, Dr. Pohl maximizes patient comfort as he expertly performs all stages of root canal therapy.

A root canal involves the removal of infected tissue from inside the tooth and then replacing that tissue with safe, artificial materials. At the end of the procedure, the tooth is either restored with a dental filling or capped with a dental crown. Our dentist makes root canal therapy as easy as possible for our patients by:

  • Maintaining a calm and relaxing demeanor
  • Using advanced technology to precisely plan and execute the procedure
  • Making sedation available to anxious patients
  • Conveniently handling all aspects of the procedure without the need for an outside specialist
  • Using expertly crafted, custom-designed fillings and crowns

How Root Canal Infection Affects Oral Health

An illustration of a root canal infection and how it affects oral health

Always Available to Serve You

Friendly Staff, gentle on the gums and always available when I need to see him in case of an emergency.
Keith Brelia - 5-Star Google Review - 2020
Douglas F. Pohl, DDS, PA

Douglas Pohl, DDS

Douglas Pohl, DDS, in Fort Walton Beach, FL, provides families in Destin, Pensacola, and surrounding communities with expert general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. Dr. Pohl has more than 30 years of experience, and is affiliated with several respected professional organizations, including:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The Florida Dental Association
  • The University of Cincinnati Alumni Association

Dr. Pohl can see your whole family during the same appointment. Make an appointment today by contacting us online or calling (850) 243-0800.

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